Cornejo for Congress
Democrat for Hawaii CD2

Aloha from Hawaiʻi's Second Congressional District!

Problems make good campaign issues. Everyone wants to see their problems resolved.

But, here’s the thing: The political establishment doesn't have an incentive to solve problems. If they solve a problem, well, that requires work - new issue papers, new literature, new speeches, new donors. Most important of all, new donors.

A new breed of community-focused leadership is emerging. We have fresh ideas and are willing to work hard to solve problems. We want to make the world a better place for all of us, not just donors. We don't take the easy money, because it comes with terms and conditions we're not willing to accept. We don't carry the political debt of the establishment politicians do. We serve you, the voter.

It's time to reject the old and establish a new community-focused leadership!

Why I'm Running for Congress

For a long time I have been disappointed and frustrated with the representation Hawai’i has had in Washington. I love this state and its people. We deserve better than we have gotten.

In the last 15 years, I have seen first-hand the effects of climate change, a lopsided economy, a poor education system, and homelessness on Hawai`i and the quality of life here.

After years of complaining that someone should do something, I decided to stand up and be that someone.

I am asking for your support and vote to help me make a difference for all of us.


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American politics have changed radically, and Hawaiʻi needs a representative that:

  • Understands the new world we live in,
  • Is open to new ideas, and
  • Can face the challenges before us.

I am an Army brat born in Iowa to an Army Officer. My family moved to Hawaiʻi in the mid-60s where I spent my first few years of school at Iolani. My family left Hawai`i in 1968 when my father was reassigned. We went to Washington, DC then spent three years living in Germany, and then moved back to DC.

I started my career as a software engineer in Virginia, and in 1991 was recruited by a Silicon Valley start-up. I lived in Silicon Valley during the early Internet years, working for a variety of companies, including General Magic and Cisco Systems. While at Cisco an idea for a startup tech company was hatched. We were funded by investors based in Hawai`i, and I left Cisco to come back to Hawaiʻi with my family in 2003 to help found Firetide on Nuʻuanu St in Honolulu. In 2007 I started working at Hoana Medical, rising to become Director of R&D. I currently work remotely from my home in Kailua for a networking software company in Austin TX.

Currently, I live in Kailua with my family. Corinna, my wife, runs her own small business as a content writer for digital healthcare companies. We have two daughters. My oldest daughter graduated from La Pietra and the Maryland Institute College of Art; the youngest graduated from Hawaiʻi Technology Academy.



I believe that no other issue is more pressing to Hawaiʻi than the global environmental crisis. Climate change is no longer looming but is already upon us. We see in in our coastal erosion and feel it in record high temperatures. The American government must take action now to curb emissions, clean our waterways, and sponsor research into mitigating the damage already done. The effects are already being felt, many of our fellow Pacific Islanders are facing the loss of their homes, Hawaiʻi will not be immune.


Economists are forecasting hard times ahead for Hawaiʻi. Tourism is and will continue to be a vital segment of Hawaii’s economy, but Hawaiʻi needs to diversify its overall economy to make it less vulnerable to the volatility and limits of tourism.

Technology and science offer Hawaiʻi excellent possibilities for economic diversification especially for small and medium businesses. These are industries that serve both public and private sectors and create high paying jobs.


Medical costs are skyrocketing nationwide, there is a critical shortage of doctors and nurses. As our population grows older, the demand for ongoing and specialized care is outstripping availability.

We must act to ensure that healthcare remains affordable and available, that we focus more on preventive care, and that our seniors are kept healthy and vital.


The key to solving many of our problems is to have an excellent educational system that is available to all who want it for free. Too many of our young people are missing out on education because the state can not provide it, and the cost of leaving the islands is too high.

We also must provide effective primary public education to all citizens. Children are the future of Hawaiʻi and we must act quickly to make sure that they are able to thrive.


All humans deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. The current methods of solving homelessness simply aren’t effective. This is a problem that can’t be solved by making homelessness illegal or herding human beings out of sight.

Government at all levels must step up and find a way for all people to have a place to call home and to live in safety and dignity.


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